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How to Prepare for Telehealth Policy Updates

Healthcare lawyer Andrew Selesnick talks with HealthcareITNews to discuss how providers should prepare for changes in telehealth reimbursements. In early October, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid announced that they would be adding 11 virtual services to its reimbursement list during the COVID-19 pandemic. This update was in addition to a previously published list of services that could be reimbursed by insurance. 

This type of change is a positive push for future reimbursement from more insurance providers. The private insurance companies that are competing with Medicare and Medicaid will need to make similar changes to their telehealth reimbursement plans to remain in competition with Medicare and Medicaid coverage. There has already been an influx in modifications to the pre-covid Telehealth regulations, and these changes are predicted to continue. 

Selesnick’s number one suggestion to help providers be prepared for these telehealth uncertainties is to have a stable, user-friendly platform for patients and providers. At ezClinic, we strive to make our platform simple for patients and providers to accommodate any policy changes that may arise. Providers need to have a simple platform to access all their patient data and easily make changes to the patient’s insurance and billing information as policies continue to change. Providers should remain transparent with their patients about the updates to policies. Patients should check with their insurance provider to understand what Telehealth services are covered before making an appointment.

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