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Telehealth Best Practices for Physician Integration

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a rapid expansion of telehealth services, and despite the major change, most physicians have adapted to this transition. “The one thing that we can all say we have achieved at this point is we brought the doctor's office into the home successfully,” said AMA member Joseph Kvedar, and the success of the medical community's teleheath adoption can easily be seen in the positive ways patients have responded. Yet physicians are still searching for ways to make telemedicine more effective into the future, and in a recent American Medical Association Telehealth Initiative virtual boot camp, physicians shared their ideas on how to further improve remote patient care.

Illinois Healthcare Coalition Wants  Permanent Telehealth Support from Lawmakers

The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused an incredible increase in telemedicine support, both from healthcare companies and the government, but how long will this support last? In Illinois, it looks like this support might be here to stay, as a coalition of Illinois healthcare providers and patient advocates has recently written to Illinois lawmakers asking for continued support of telemedicine services.