Critical and Acute Care Monitoring

Automated and Predicted with AI-powered

3D physical and physiological data analytics 

Predictive Patient Monitoring

ezClinic's AI-powered predictive patient monitoring works like a personal assistant for critical/acute care nurses, giving every patient dedicated virtual monitoring. With predictions to prevent harm, uncertainty, and risk; patients understaffing and multitasking will no longer result in preventable deaths.

And with the added assistance, nurses feel the relief from added workloads with a greater capacity to monitor more patients at once. 

If your current nurse-to-patient ratio is (1) one nurse for every (2) two patients (1:2) - with PAM it's now three-to-two (3:2). 

Monitoring Hardware

  • Quick-mount A.I. powered 3D sensors
  • Simple touch screen control panel 
  • There are no wearables or consumables
Hardware Setup-1

User-Friendly Design

  • Just turn it on
  • Select monitoring options
  • There are no adjustments or calibrations needed
Software Setup