Improving nurse-to-patient ratios through:
Constant, Consistent, Predictive
A.I. Patient Monitoring

Predictive Patient Monitoring

ezClinic's A.I.-powered patient monitoring works as a virtual assistant for overwhelmed and understaffed hospital nurses.

While ezClinic monitors, nurses have time to focus on other priority tasks to reduce human error and give optimal care. And with predictive warnings of onset morbidities and safety events, the clinical team can act early enough to prevent patient harm for better outcomes and reduce length-of-stay.

If your current nurse-to-patient ratio is one nurse for every two patients (1:2) - with PAM it's now three-to-two (3:2). 

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Monitoring Hardware

  • Easy-to-mount A.I. powered 3D sensors
  • Simple touch screen control panel 
  • There are no wearables or consumables
Hardware Setup-1

User-Friendly Design

  • Just turn it on
  • Select monitoring options
  • There are no adjustments or calibrations needed
Software Setup