The New Dimension in Patient Monitoring

ezClinic empowers ICU nurses to prevent unplanned extubations (UEs) that pose a risk to 1.65 million intubated patients annually in the U.S., causing increased trauma, death, escalated provider workflows, and a $5 billion burden in healthcare costs.*

*Unplanned Extubations are highly underreported as an occurrence and as the root cause of associate morbidity & mortality rates.

These numbers reflect the average of the minimally recognized reports. 

Patient Action Detection Engine (PADE)™

PADE is a unified AI monitoring and alert system for intubated patients in the ICU that notifies the providers before incidences of unplanned extubations actually occur (the unintentional and uncontrolled removal of the endotracheal breathing tube).

By integrating 3D data and skeletal tracking, PADE recognizes subtle patient movements that potentially lead to unplanned extubations, alerting ICU nurses to tend to patients in an effective and timely manner. Some examples of risk factors include:

  • Patient regaining consciousness
  • Patient agitation
  • Movement of tube securement
TeleMedicine Platform

(Our 2019 Flagship Product)

This platform offers an HIPAA-compliant UHD video conferencing service with all-in-one virtual care management tools.

By providing healthcare professionals and patients with a way to manage their provider-care all from one portal, this platform relieves administrative burdens, all-the-while empowering patients.