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Telehealth Uses for Clinical Research

Telehealth is surely evolving and expanding even more due to the pandemic. Many patients and providers relied on telehealth for the past seven months to ensure access to healthcare. Telehealth has not only been crucial to providing care, but it was also used for clinical research purposes. The future hold even more evolvements for telehealth. Many wearables, apps and software are being testing to further expand telehealth into something more revolutionary. However, there are many concerns such reimbursements, internet connectivity, and privacy, that need to be tackled first. 

3 ways to bring telehealth to the next level

Even though telehealth existed long before the COVID-19 pandemic, it recently gained popularity due to many practices reducing in-person visits. However, many providers, patients, and telehealth service providers want to learn how to further improve telehealth access. How can people with no computers, smart devices, and internet can also get access to care via telehealth? The article talks about the 3 steps that can further improve the evolution and availability of telehealth.

Telehealth Needs Payer Support for Continued Growth

A survey was conducted  Xtelligent Healthcare Media team that focused on understanding the impacts of COVID-19 on the healthcare industry and revealing plans for moving forward. Around 360 healthcare stakeholders were surveyed  out of which, 65% percent claimed that telehealth is going to be the biggest area of investment moving forward.