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How Telehealth Can Increase Physician Satisfaction

The American Medical Association conducted a study of the sources of physician satisfaction and dissatisfaction. One of the main findings was that “physicians spend nearly two hours on EHR/desk work for every hour of direct face time with patients.” EHR should be making physicians' lives easier not harder. 

Most of the dissatisfying activities revolve around administrative duties that take time away from their patients and more satisfying tasks. Some other dissatisfiers are desk work, public payers, or poor usability. The AMA found a feeling of a loss of autonomy among physicians, limited time for patient care, and poorer quality of care. AMA suggestions of how to improve these dissatisfiers are to reallocate time demands and increase staff support. With ezClinic, we strive to take away physician dissatisfaction from these administrative tasks. Our Platform is easy to use and allows for NP/PA use to eliminate the large load of administrative tasks on the physician, it will also create more time for physicians to treat their patients. EHR’s are easily stored in patient profiles and allow for simple use and alteration. It allows for easy access to patients so physicians can be satisfied by giving quality care to their patients. 

Physicians get their main source of satisfaction from being able to tend to their patients and perform actual medicine, not to be disrupted by tedious paperwork. Telehealth as we now know it, can help physicians complete administrative tasks much quicker. This ease of completion and having all the information in one place, will lessen the amount of time that physicians need to take away from patient care and it will increase satisfaction and the quality of care. 

For more detail on the study follow this link: